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Flick Filosopher
Smart, thoughtful (though sometimes a little too snarky) film reviews from a self-proclaimed feminist movie geek.

Roger Ebert
A great repository of film reviews and observations from the former host of “Siskel & Ebert”. His blog is one of the best I’ve ever read, tackling topics from religion to disability to politics in a smooth, sharp and funny way.

Television Without Pity
In-depth recaps and reviews of television shows from today and yesterday. A great site to check out if you’ve fallen behind on your favorite show.

Movies Without Pity
Like televisionwithoutpity, except more movie-er.

Hollywood Elsewhere
Film news, reviews and commentary from one of the most opinionated and curmudgeonly people on the Internet. I like him in spite of myself.

ABILITY Magazine
A bi-monthly online and print publication focusing on issues of disability, health and aspiration. I write for these guys.

Vantage Media
A performance search marketing company for which I am a content contributer.

Surf the Channel
Track down full-length, commercial-free episodes of your favorite shows.

Get the real scoop behind all of those weird rumors and chain emails. (Spoiler Alert: Mr. Rogers was not actually a military sharpshooter.)

Huffington Post
Liberal propaganda.

Urban Conservative
Conservative propaganda.

Movie List
An online warehouse of movie trailers, past and present.

Fact Check
A fantastic, bipartisan public policy debunking project that cuts through lies and exaggerations on the left and right sides of the political spectrum.

Howard Suber
The website of UCLA mentor and friend, Howard Suber, author of The Power of Film.

Free scripts and transcripts from film and television.

TV Blinkx
Watch full-length, commercial-free episodes of your favorite shows.

What's Alan Watching?
Intelligent, insightful and interesting analyses of current television episodes.

By Kevin Levine
Funny, friendly television-related commentary from a former “Cheers” and “Fraiser” writer.

Greatest Films
An insane amount of information and analysis about the best movies ever made.

Laurice Manuel . Graphic Design
Like the look of my website? So do I. Check out my friend Laurice's website and portfolio and see how she can help you. She's a professional graphic designer who does really cool work. (Obviously.)